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African Mobilities: the Means and Modalities of Movement(s)
Within and Beyond Africa

SERSAS/SEAN 2021 Virtual Spring Conference
Friday, March 12 – Saturday, March 13, 2021

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Friday, March 12, 2021

3:00-4:30 PM

Emerging Scholars Workshop


5:00-6:00 PM

Keynote Address, Dr. Omar Ali


Saturday, March 13, 2021

Panel 1A 9:00-10:30

Pandemic (im)mobilities

Ampson Hagan UNC-Chapel Hill
Enduring Temporalities of Material Non-Movement: Waithood and waiting for Covid-19 vaccines in Africa

Kristen McLean College of Charleston
Exploring mobility and movement in pandemic times: the case of Sierra Leone

Francis Musoni University of Kentucky
The Covid-19 Pandemic and the History of Illegal[ized] Mobilities across the Zimbabwe-South Africa Border

Matthew Pflaum University of Florida
Immobilization among the mobile: Coerced sedentarization of pastoralists through securitization, pandemic, and post-colonial policies


Panel 1B 9:00-10:30

Extraction, Development, and Environmentalism

Cathy Skidmore-Hess Georgia Southern University
In the Grasp of the Lion: Twentieth Century Hunting, Economic Mobility and Development in Northern Botswana

Hye-Sung Kim Winthrop University
Consequences of Oil Extraction and Competition over Resources: Conjoint Experiment in Turkana, Kenya

Cropper John College of Charleston
Great Green Wall Initiative (GGWI)


Panel 2A 10:45-12:15

Borders, Migration and Mapping

Beth Whitaker UNC Charlotte
Border Proximity and Support for Free Movement: Evidence from Africa

Wycliffe Njororai Simiyu University of Texas at Tyler
Migration destination patterns for East African Association Football Players

Matthew Unangst Jacksonville University
Mapping Mobilities in Precolonial and Colonial Africa


Panel 2B 10:45-12:15

Political and Legal Movements

Adrien Ratsimbaharison Benedict College
Political Stability: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Holly Dunn University of South Florida
The Logic of Popular Justice in Response to Witchcraft in the Eastern DRC: The Unanticipated Outcomes of Disconnected Legality

Chris Ippolito Georgia Institute of Technology
Protest Movements in Today’s Africa: Towards an African Spring?


Panel 3A 1:45-3:15

Material Culture, Memory, and Mobility

Elizabeth Fretwell Old Dominion University
Seamstresses, artisan workshops, and mobility in central Benin, West Africa, 1960s-1980s

Molly McCullers University of West Georgia
Paradise Drive-In: Cars, Safari, and Imperial Imaginaries in 20th Century Southern Africa

Ashley Parcells Jacksonville University
‘Our Language and Customs are Swazi, but we are Zulu’: Chieftaincy, Ethnicity, and Sovereignty in Ingwavuma

Victoria Rovine UNC-Chapel Hill
The Mobility of the Pith Helmet: A Colonial Accessory in France and French West Africa


Panel 3B 1:45-3:15

Africa and COVID Pandemic: Bail or Bane

Yvette Essounga Njan Tuskegee University
Africans Moving And Thriving Despite the Pandemic

Bill Ndi Tuskegee University
Politics and COVID Pandemic Blend: A Recipe for Committed Literature

Benjamin Fishkin Tuskegee University
Moving in the Wrong Direction: Francis B. Nyamnjoh’s A Nose for Money

Waswa Denis Louisiana State University
Reconstructing Black Humanism: “The Becoming Black of the World”


Panel 4 Plenary Session 3:30-5:00

African responses to COVID-19

Danielle Boaz UNC Charlotte
Religious Freedom vs. Public Health: East African Responses to Religious Gatherings and Ceremonies during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Chris Paul North Carolina Central University
Capacity and Complications: Understanding how the Ebola Crisis Affected the Function of Civil Service in Liberia

Seth Palmer Christopher Newport University
Pan-Africanism and Malagasy Nationalism in the Marketing of Covid Organics

Moses Khisa North Carolina State University
Countering Covid: Militarism, Securitization, and Regime Politics in Uganda