Priority 1

Title VI Programming

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Expand language training and introduce Yoruba and Chichewa
  • Continued curriculum and research support to faculty and students
  • Support to faculty at MSIs and CCs
  • Enhance access to African language and African studies courses and programs

Priority 2

Diversify institutional partnerships and funding base to support research, faculty working groups, seminars and events

ASC will host a variety of activities aimed at enhancing knowledge exchange and scholarship. It will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Seminar series on carefully chosen topics or theme
  • SERSAS; every odd year
  • Africa Conference, every even year
  • Other strategic opportunities
  • ASC will also seek new partnerships and funding for new program ideas like:

    • Developing new culture curriculum and digitization for K-12 education
    • Research and faculty support for gender and governance work in Africa
    • International Women’s Day
    • Africa week and dialogue on current issues affecting the region like human capital, population, health, insecurity and politics

    Priority 3

    Develop and secure funding for strategic institutional partnerships with select Africa educational institutions, like U.CAD

    Priority 4

    Improve communication about Africa, for Africa, and, the work of the center

    • Develop and implement a comprehensive communication strategy for the center
      • Website: rebuild current website Keep timely and relevant
      • Facebook: rebrand and update in real time
      • Twitter: create and engage in real time
      • Instagram: create and engage in real time
    • Pilot a bi-annual newsletter
    • Connect with other departments for event posting and publicity
    • Develop an event marketing strategy for every activity