K-5 Digital Learning Resources




Selecting appropriate non-stereotypical resources:

Article on teaching about Africa: “I didn’t know there were cities in Africa!”

Reviews of books for children about Africa: Africa Access Review

Science TV show for African children: Ngen (pronounced Engine) TV Africa


Online resources for Social Studies:

Game to try with your students: U.S. Africa Connections Bingo Game

MSU Exploring Africa Module: Exploring Families and Communities in Africa

Materials from Boston University: Using Visuals to Teach about Africa


Online Resources for African Art

Ackland Art Museum: Arts of Asia and Africa pre and post visit materials

NC Art Museum: Textile weaving lesson plans and Masks

African Artists’ Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria: African artists foundation


Online Resources for African Music

Not African music, but some examples of plans by NC teachers: Worldview Materials

Smithsonian lesson plan: Nigerian flute music

Smithsonian lesson plan: Ugandan music

Boston University African Studies Center: Music Resources