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K-5 Digital Learning Expert Groups

Expert Groups

Our expert groups (in Arts, Music, and Social Studies) are made up of teachers and content experts and are tasked with the following:

  • Develop a proposal and curation plan. (primary)
  • Develop teaching guides for each content idea. (primary)
  • Each group will be required to nominate at least one group member to travel, if necessary, for fieldwork. (primary)
  • Each group will deliver digitized products, with support from a digitization expert. (primary)
  • Contribute to the discussions on where to place the digital content. (secondary)
  • Contribute to discussions on how to disseminate the contents and raise awareness of the existence of these materials. (secondary)

Expert Content Group Members

Arts: Victoria Rovine, Jenny Marvel, Tara Wilson, Shannon Ashley, Stacey Sewall

Social Studies: Samba Camara, Lauren Jarvis, Amy Barsanti, Erica Luetzow

Music: Dave Pier, Innocent Nkurunziza, Kimberly Freeman, Leslie Roberts

Supporting the three groups are: Cheryl Bolick, Barbara Anderson, Joanneke Elliott, Ada Umenwaliri

St. Bernadette Elementary, Senegal

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