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Study Abroad in Africa

Study Abroad Programs

The UNC Study Abroad Office offers numerous programs for students interested in pursuing study in Africa. These include programs in Malawi and South Africa, as well as various other countries. Please visit the Study Abroad Office web page for more information on all programs offered.

African Languages at Carolina

African languages taught on campus include Arabic, Lingala, Swahili, and Wolof. The Languages Across the Curriculum program offers LAC courses in Arabic and Swahili. Less commonly taught African languages are of direct benefit to students pursuing interests in Africa, particularly those preparing for careers in Health Affairs and Biomedical Research. The ASC has FLAS (Foreign Language Area Studies) funding available for qualified undergraduate and graduate applicants studying African Languages. Please visit our Languages section for more information on African languages at Carolina.

Study Abroad Scholarships

The Study Abroad office has compiled a helpful page of Financial Aid Information for students participating in UNC Study Abroad programs. Numerous scholarships are available through the financial aid office, and with many programs a student's standard financial aid package can be applied towards the cost of study abroad. Another option is the Sonja Haynes Stone Center Undergraduate International Studies Fellowship. This fellowhip is intended to provide support for those who do not otherwise have the financial resources to participate in study-abroad programs, and who are members of underrepresented groups in undergraduate international study.

In addition to those traditional financial aid options, several scholarships are available for students wishing to pursue unique programs of study. The Phillips Scholarship offers Juniors and Seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences an opportunity to engage in individual self designed and directed international travel experiences for periods ranging from two to six months. Approximately twenty Phillips Scholarships of up to $7000 each are awarded each year. The Office of Undergraduate Research has created a database of funding opportunities for undergraduate research. Students can search by discipline to locate appropriate funding for their area of interest.