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Graduate Certificate in African Studies

The Department of African, African-American and Diaspora Studies has inaugurated a graduate certificate program in African Studies. Since the establishment of UNC's African Studies National Resource Center in 2005 interest in African Studies has grown exponentially. This is reflected in an increasing number of faculty members, course offerings, and graduate students whose work is directly related to the African continent. This certificate program will respond to the demand created by the increasing number of graduate students at UNC who are looking to our university to provide them with formal training in African Studies and to have this training formally acknowledged.

We have designed this certificate program to provide students with a depth of specialization in African Studies that will complement the training that these students are already receiving in their home departments and schools. This program will be open to enrolled graduate students in all departments and schools at UNC Chapel Hill. Students in this program will be required to take four courses with substantial Africa content, complete an independent research project, and actively participate in UNC's Seminar in African Ecology and Social Processes. Because UNC does not offer degrees or certificates after the fact, students who are interested in this program will need to enter it very early in their graduate studies at UNC (if possible during their first semester).

Print the Certificate Application.

If you are interested, or think you might be interested, the sooner you contact us the better. For more information contact Michael Lambert, Professor, Department of African, African-American and Diaspora Studies .