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African Studies Center News - Spring 2017

West African Research Center

West African Research Center, photo: Mireille Djenno

Libraries in Africa

In Africa, libraries are crucial to providing basic information to communities; they vary in size and resources, but each of the libraries serves to share and expand knowledge. We interviewed Mireille Djenno, African Studies Librarian at Indiana University, Bloomington, and Cliff Missen, Director of WiderNet at UNC, and asked them to discuss the vital role libraries serve for students and librarians in various African countries.
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Resources Available from the African Studies Center

Lending Library and Culture Kits

The African Studies Center has books, films, and other materials available free of charge for K-16 educators in North Carolina to borrow. The ASC will pay for the shipping in both directions. In addition to our book sets, we have culture kits available filled with hands-on objects including religious and household items, toys, and clothing. This semester we are featuring our new Book Sets for Libraries. Library book sets include several dozen picture books intended to supplement the collection of your elementary school media center. These can be kept for up to a semester at a time and checked out to students using a card system. To borrow a Book Set for Librarians or other kits, please email


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