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African Studies Center News - December 2015

Great Green Wall

Africa in the News

Following the news these days is confusing for adults and children alike, and news about Africa can be even more confusing. It's often hard to separate valid, unbiased information from fear-mongering reports, and it's even harder to know how to approach researching an issue that we would like to know more about. This is particularly true with regard to topics that focus on Africa.
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Resources Available from the African Studies Center
Taking Root, film

Lending Library

The African Studies Center has books, films, and other materials available free of charge for K-16 educators in North Carolina to borrow. Books and films for ages kindergarten through high school are available. This semester we are featuring our Wangari Maathai Learning Box. The box contains picture books, background materials, and a DVD appropriate for middle school ages and up which explores the environmental activism of Wangari Maathai.

Carolina Navigators

Culture Kits

The African Studies Center has several culture kits available for N.C. educators to borrow free of charge. We would also like to call your attention to UNC's Carolina Navigators program, which offers numerous culture kits, resources, and programs for educators. Carolina Navigators offers K-16 educators a variety of free online, virtual and in-person global education resources pertaining to all world areas.


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