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African Studies Center News - September 2013


Teaching Timbuktu

The ancient West African city of Timbuktu was once a vibrant center of scholarly activity, known throughout the Islamic world. Where is Timbuktu? Where does its story fit in African and World History? The ASC offers resources related to Timbuktu and the ancient kingdoms of West Africa. Our Timbuktu Learning Box offers a classroom set of the novel Trouble in Timbuktu, reading guides, and related materials. Read More

Resources Available from the African Studies Center

Lending Library

The African Studies Center has books, films, and other materials available free of charge for K-16 educators in North Carolina to borrow. Fiction and non-fiction works, for ages kindergarten through high school are available. This semester we are featuring our resources on the ancient kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay. We have books, CDs, and a Learning Box on Timbuktu available. For any borrowed materials, the ASC will pay all shipping in both directions.


Culture Kits

Filled with hands on objects used in everyday life in Senegal, our "Daily Life in Dakar" culture kit was designed in consultation with K-12 educators. Included in the kit are instructions for games, art projects, and recipes. New this year, we are now offering a culture kit on Kenya. This kit features items used by children in Kenya, such as school uniforms and homemade toys. All kits are available free of charge to N.C. Educators and all shipping is included.


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