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Timbuktu Learning Box

Includes: 30 copies of Trouble in Timbuktu, by Cristina Kessler (extra copies available if needed). In this story, set in present-day Mali, a brother and sister foil a plot to steal their national treasure.

Additional resources: Background information, reading guides, discussion questions, activities, maps, related DVDs and images are included, and are tied to the N.C. Standard Course of Study.

Book Description: Determined to catch a pair of tourists illegally purchasing ancient manuscripts in Timbuktu, Ayisha and her twin brother, Ahmed, embark on a risky entrapment scheme that takes them on a harrowing trip into the Sahara desert and down the Niger River. Ayisha is the focus of this third-person narrative, but because the author needs to introduce so much of Malian culture to her readers, the girl must notice and comment on much that she would normally take for granted. Mali is explored through her eyes and Ahmed's explanations, but readers will appreciate the survival adventure as much as the unique setting. A glossary of words and phrases in French, Arabic, and Tamashek is appended.

To borrow the learning box: Please email Stacey Sewall, Include in your email-- your name, school name, dates you will need the materials (please try to keep no longer than 4-6 weeks), your school's mailing address, your school phone number, and grade level that you teach. The box is free to N.C. educators, and we will pay shipping in both directions.

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