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Egypt Learning Box

Includes: 30 copies of Rise of the Golden Cobra, by Henry T. Aubin. Through the main character's in this story's eyes, this world of brutal ground battles, ship-to-ship combat, and assaults on cities comes to life.

Additional resources: Background information, reading guides, discussion questions, activities, maps, related DVDs and images are included, and are tied to the N.C. Standard Course of Study.


Book Description: Though only 14, Nebi is caught up in events that will shape his countryís future. When his master is brutally slain, he barely escapes into the desert. As the sole survivor of the treacherous attack, Nebi knows that only one man can stave off the destruction of Egyptís great civilization. That man is Piankhy, ruler of the African kingdom of Kush (located in present-day Sudan). In desperation, Nebi flees to King Piankhy to warn him of the invasion. This epic adventure dramatizes the true story of this chivalrous kingís military campaign of 734 B.C.E. But another struggle is raging in the young manís heart: Should he seek revenge against his murderous personal enemy, Count Nimlot? Or should he forgive him his terrible crimes?

To borrow the learning box: Please email Stacey Sewall, Include in your email-- your name, school name, dates you will need the materials (please try to keep no longer than 4-6 weeks), your school's mailing address, your school phone number, and grade level that you teach. The box is free to N.C. educators, and we will pay shipping in both directions.

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