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Kony 2012 Resources

React and Respond: The Phenomenon of Kony 2012
Written on behalf of the Outreach Council of the African Studies Association, this document includes:
a) A Brief Guide to the LRA & Joseph Kony
b) Guideline for Teaching about Issues Raised by Kony 2012
c) Media Literacy: Discussion questions on the video & on social media
d) Further Resources
e) What Can We Do about Uganda and the LRA?

Teaching about Human Rights in Africa: What do we do with Kony 2012?
A presentation for the World View Spring Seminar "Complexity and Diversity of Africa" given by Prof. Barbara Anderson on March 29, 2012

Africa: KONY 2012, Selected Reflections
Information from Africa Focus Bulletin

Links compiled by Michigan State University African Studies Center on Kony 2012