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Resources for Educators

Lending Library for Educators

The African Studies Center has books and other materials available for teachers to borrow for their classes. Fiction and non-fiction works, for ages kindergarten through high school are available. The ASC will pay shipping both directions. To borrow any of these materials, please contact Stacey Sewall with your request. Search: Books or Films.


Senegal and Kenya Culture Kits

Filled with hands on objects used in everyday life, these kits were designed in consultation with K-12 educators. Also in the kits are instructions for games, art projects, and recipes. The kits are free to borrow for K-12 teachers and shipping is included. Detailed info and photos of the objects, as well as ordering information, can be found on our Culture Kit page.


Learning Boxes

To deepen understanding of the cultures and histories of African societies, the African Studies Center at UNC-Chapel Hill offers classroom kits featuring sets of African-themed novels for student reading. These are available free of charge to N.C. teachers, and the African Studies Center will pay the shipping costs in both directions. Explore our Learning Boxes


News for Educators

Middle East and African Cultures Teacher Fellows Program

The Middle East and African Cultures Teacher Fellows Program is a funded, eight-month intensive fellowship for teachers to explore Middle Eastern and African history, cultures, and diaspora through structured experiential learning experiences across North Carolina. Running March to December 2020, this program aims to enhance teacher expertise in Middle Eastern and African studies in part by making relevant connections to local communities. Visit to learn more.