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Wolof Courses

WOLO 401 [WOLO 101] Elementary Wolof I (3). This course enables students who have no previous experience in Wolof to develop speaking, listening and understanding, writing, and reading skills in Wolof. Students will also be exposed to Wolof culture.

WOLO 402 [WOLO 102] Elementary Wolof II (3). This course is for students who have already acquired the basics of Wolof to reinforce their ability to learn speaking, listening and understanding, writing, and reading Wolof. Evidence of basic knowledge of Wolof is required.

WOLO 403 [WOLO 203] Intermediate Wolof III (3). This course is intended for learners who have already acquired Wolof proficiency in WOLO 401 and 402. It increases communicative proficiency and language learning ability as well as proficiency in cultures of the Wolof people.

WOLO 404 Intermediate Wolof IV (3). Prerequisite, WOLO 403. Permission of the instructor for students lacking the prerequisite. This course reinforces studentsí communicative and cultural skills via gradual exposure to increasingly challenging tasks. Reading poetry and prose, and introduction to creative writing will be stressed.