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Africanist Faculty at Winston-Salem State University

This page contains an alphabetical listing of faculty members at our partner institution, Winston-Salem State University, who have research or teaching interests in Africa.

Guy Martin
Professor, Political Science, Winston-Salem State University

Relevant Experience: WSSU Study Abroad Program in Ghana and Benin (2007-2011); Project Coordinator, HDI Public Administration Forum (training and research for South Africa’s 17 HDIs -black universities and technikons); Expert-Consultant, United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Specialization: Comparative politics, international political economy; political theory in Africa.

Leonard Muaka
Assistant Professor, English and World Languages, Winston-Salem State University

Relevant Experience: Designing Swahili materials for online instruction: sponsored by The Office of Sponsored Programs, WSSU; Instructor Summer Cooperative African Language Institute (2007-2008).

Specialization: Sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, hybridity, rhetoric, syntax, African linguistics with a focus on Bantu languages, second language acquisition, and foreign language pedagogy.

Relevant Courses Taught: Elem/Int. Swahili; Introduction to Linguistics; Language and Media; Dynamics of Language and Globalization; Engaging the World through Writing; Emerging African Literary Voices; Honors Inquiry-Based Seminar: Language Diversity in a Global Era.

Mueni wa Muiu
Associate Professor, Political Science, Winston-Salem State University

Relevant Experience: Principal Investigator, African Gender Politics as Represented in Literature & Film (National Endowment for the Humanities; Dakar (Senegal) & WSSU (2013); Convener of a film series on Africa and international affairs, WSSU (2004-Present)

Specialization: African political development; post-colonialism in Africa.

Rose Sackeyfio
Associate Professor, English and World Languages, Winston-Salem State University

Relevant Experience: Ghana Film Project, WSSU (2011), Coordinator: World Literature, Department of English; International Programs Committee; Globalizing Gender Across Cultures: Panel Presentation: Promoting Global Perspectives through Professional Development and Curricular Integration at an HBCU: Council on International Education Exchange Annual Conference (2012).

Specialization: Literature of African and African-American Women; cultural traditions, and economic and political forces that affect the role and status of African women in contemporary society.

Relevant Courses Taught: Feminist Voices in African Women's Literature; Black Women's Identity through Time; Women's Literature in a Global Context; World Literature.

Joti Sekhon
Professor of Sociology and Director of International Programs, Winston-Salem State University

Relevant Experience: As Director of International Programs, responsible for integration of international programs in academic areas; promoting faculty scholarship and research to internationalize the curriculum; developing international exchange partnerships; oversight of study abroad programs, and coordinating international co-curricular activities; Faculty-led study abroad and exchange partnerships in Kiswahili Studies in collaboration with Kenyatta University and Dar-es-Salaam University; student and faculty exchange and research collaboration with the University of Cape Coast, Ghana; faculty-led study abroad program development in Ghana and Benin.

Specialization: Sport and cultural globalization; social stratification and inequality; ethnicity and nationalism; democratic theory and practice; community activism.

Relevant Courses Taught: Contemporary Global Issues; Cultural Geography; Comparative Ethnicity; Global Migration.