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African Technologies and Creativity: Innovation in Times of Uncertainty

Spring 2019 SERSAS/SEAN Conference

February 8-9, 2019, Fedex Global Education Center, UNC-Chapel Hill

Friday, February 8, 2019 5:30-9 PM

Welcome Reception, FedEx Global Education Center Atrium, 5:30 PM

Film Screening, Nelson Mandela Auditorium, 7:00 PM

Director Commentary by Dilman Dila (Chair: David Pier)
"Her Broken Shadow," a film by Ugandan Filmmaker Dilman Dila

Saturday, February 9, 2019 8:30 AM-5 PM

8:30 Registration (Atrium)

8:45 Opening Remarks Emily Burrill, UNC ASC Director (Atrium)

9-10:30 Panel 1A (GEC 1005) Panel Chair: Todd Leedy, University of Florida

Technology, Creativity, and Innovation

Alice R. Burmeister, Winthrop University: "Cell Phones as Fashion Statements: The Popularity of Technology-Related Designs in African Print Fabric"

Lynn Harris, ECU: "Recreate, Reuse and Recycle: African Watercraft as Creative Cultural Expressions"

Stephen M. Magu, Hampton University: "New, In/Appropriate Technology In/Dependence/y: Assessing Role of and Effect on Africa's Conduct of Foreign Policy"

Mary Mba, Cottey College, and Chinekwu Obidoa, Mercer University: "Innovations in Waste Recycling by African Youth: Charting the Course for a Waste-Resourcing Future in Africa"

9-10:30 Panel 1B (GEC 1009) Panel Chair: Ousmane Ngom, UNC-Chapel Hill

Writing Africa and Her Diaspora: Past, Present, and Future Creativities

Kerry Evans, Tuskegee University: "The Sea: Walcott's Postcolonial 'New World' Poetics"

Richard Evans, Tuskegee University: "The Ideological Implications of the African Origin of the Alphabet"

Benjamin H. Fishkin, Tuskegee University: "The African Novelist, New Technology and the African Society"

Bill F. Ndi, Tuskegee University: "Absences and Proliferations of Technology in African Poetry"

10:30-10:45 (Atrium)

Coffee/Tea Break

10:45-12:15 Panel 2A (GEC 1005) Panel Chair: Bryan Dougan, UNC-Chapel Hill

Current Trends in Graduate Student Africanist Research at UNC

Carlee S. Forbes, UNC-Chapel Hill: "From Goat's Eyes to Bee Stings: Early 20th century Congolese raffia mat motifs and Jeanne Maquet-Tombu's design albums."

Mark Reeves, UNC-Chapel Hill: "A Gilded Cage? Nnamdi Azikiwe as Governor-General of Nigeria 1960-1963"

Alfredo Rojas, UNC-Chapel Hill: "The Digital Analysis of Archival Maps: Transforming Historical Maps into Spatial Data, Yatenga, Burkina Faso, 1952-1973"

10:45-12:15 Panel 2B (GEC 1009) Panel Chair: Jack Parson, College of Charleston

Implications and Impact of International Policy

Christopher Day, College of Charleston: "Beyond the Wild: Park Rangers and Regime Security in Africa"

Hye-Sung Kim, Winthrop University: "When distance matters: the heterogeneous effects of foreign direct investment on public opinion and government decision-making in Kenya"

Shelly Wilburn, UNC Wilmington: "Harnessing Diversity: Conditions for Educational Change in South African Schools"


Lunch (Atrium) and SERSAS Business meeting (GEC 1005)

1:45-3:15 Panel 3A (GEC 1005) Panel Chair: Chris Day, College of Charleston

Negotiating Identity, Past & Present

Robin K. Crigler, Michigan State University: "Begin With the Girls, Wetu”: Gender in 1930s South Africa Through the Eyes of R. Roamer, Esq"

Zachary A. Karazsia, Georgia Southern University: "Beyond Repression: State-Society Relations in the Persecution of LGBTIQ Persons in Uganda"

Dennis Waswa, Louisiana State University: "Constructing Afropolitanism: A Response to Clash of Culture"

1:45-3:15 Panel 3B (GEC 1009) Panel Chair: Ken Wilburn, East Carolina University

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Resilience in the African Past

Lynn Harris, East Carolina University: "Gold and Glass: African Expressions of Creation aboard the Slave Ship La Concorde"

Ian Harrison, East Carolina University: "Wartime Innovation and South Africa's Fortified Coasts - 1939-1945"

Ryan Marr, East Carolina University: "An Historical and Ethnographic Study of Cultural Change and Continuity in the Use and Construction of Vernacular Watercraft in the Tanga Region, Tanzania"

Shannon Vance, East Carolina University: "Thinking through Representations of Race, Personhood and Technology: Afrofuturism in Popular Movies and TV, a Preliminary Case Study"

3:15-3:30 (Atrium)

Coffee/Tea Break

3:30-5:00 Panel 4 (GEC 1005) Panel Chair: Emily Burrill, UNC-Chapel Hill

Transnational Connections in the Diaspora

Marame Gueye, East Carolina University: "A Woman is Another Woman's Cure; African Women, Immigration, and Digital Sisterhood"

T. Kurt Knoerl, Georgia Southern University Amstrong Campus: "Small Craft and Culture: A Comparative Analysis of Dugout Canoes from Ghana and Georgia"

Beth Elise Whitaker, UNC-Charlotte: "Innovative Approaches for Studying Diaspora Voting in Africa: A Research Proposal"

Conference sponsors:

Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies; South East Africanist Network; UNC-Chapel Hill African Studies Center; University of Florida Center for African Studies; UNC-Chapel Hill Department of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies; UNC-Chapel Hill College of Arts and Sciences; Carolina Seminars; U.S. Department of Education; UNC Global